Functional Flow and Products

Function Flow

Fully support fashion business

Our job is to provide full support in from planning to delivery or related materials purchase, products import and export, and domestic delivery under careful management before delivering goods to customers in collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Group. Adapt to changes in the fashion industry while considering the various needs of customers.

Analyze the latest trend information and market trend, adapt to customers’ ideas from and requirements from color, pattern, design, materials to apparel accessories and propose merchandising

Balance quality, cost, and date of delivery to purchase the most suitable yarn, fabric and accessories from producing areas Collaborating with Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Group located in countries in Asia.

Make effective use of overseas stations all over Asia and construct production background which adapts to diversified popular trend changes.

Apply network of MC (MITSUBISHI CORPORATION GROUP) to carry out centralized management from material purchase to finished delivery.

We have experience in procuring a wide range of items such as women’s, men’s, kids’ and sportswear.

Women’s Clothing

Kids Wear

Men’s Clothing

Sports Wear