About Us

We are a company with multicultural and various personal characters, working together for the same vision and mission, working passionately under company’s principal and working peacefully following company’s compliance.

Our Managers and team leaders are not only professional workers but they are also such welcoming teacher for all team members. Other team members are equally important for the company, as we always listen to fresh ideas and initiative from new members.

Tredia Fashion Indonesia supports positive working relationships, treats every employee with respect, and give a chance to employees to grow. Additionally, the health benefits and other benefits are good. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work here.

The Company is an engaging organization and having a connected culture. The Teams are not only professional and well experienced but also endlessly grow up. The business partners ‘customers’ satisfaction is in their veins. And I am very grateful for being a part of it since I’ve joined this company.

TFI is a good Company that I’ve been working with. This company has great competitive environment with a high working standard and strong ethical culture. TFI gives us experience and opportunities for all to develop with good support system. I wish we can lead & expand our business in Indonesia.

Nensi Sibarani – HR & Accounting  Manager

Yudistira Chandra – Merchandiser Manager

Masripah – Merchandiser Assistant Manager

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